Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up with motivote, you’re pledging that you intend to vote in an upcoming election. Friends form a team and commit to vote. Along the way, you compete and earn points that translate into real-life rewards for getting ready and informed. In some states, we add a layer of financial accountability to help you follow through on voting more effectively. If you’re in a state where we use this monetary model, you back up your intention to vote with a monetary pledge. Come election day, if everyone on your team verifies they voted, no one is charged. If even one team member doesn't vote, the pledges are forfeited.
motivote players in some states will see the option to back up their commitment to vote with a monetary pledge. Behavioral science tells us that because humans are loss averse (we HATE losing what we already own, even small values) that having financial skin on the game is THE most effective way at getting you to do something. Smokers with financial pledges are 3X more likely to quit; dieters 5X more likely to lose weight. So if you really want to make sure you follow through, put your money where your vote is. If everyone on your team doesn't vote, anyone who pledged loses their money. For players who choose this option: select a 501c3 nonprofit that will receive your pledges if not all players vote. This nonprofit may reflect a cause that you support or a cause that you oppose — whichever you believe is more motivational for their group of friends. After you sign up for a team and select your pledge amount, you enter your credit card number into a securely encrypted, third-party payment processor. You have 48 hours after polls close to verify your vote with motivote before your card is charged with the amount that you pledged. We will never charge your credit card before an election. All credit card info is saved securely, and deleted immediately after your participation in motivote wraps up, so you don’t need to worry that we hold on to your info long-term.
Whether or not an individual voted is actually public record, but it can take a few months for the voter rolls to be released. To speed up the process, we ask users to self-verify by taking a selfie outside of the voting booth with their “I voted” sticker (or voting receipt), and then send the photo to the motivote team. If a user votes absentee, we ask that they just a selfie holding the absentee ballot. Once you sign up for a team, we send you all the details you need to know about the process.
We're all about celebrating the process of getting ready and informed. That's why we curate Actions like researching issues, attending events, and confirming your polling place details—which help you follow through with voting. Collective accountability will keep you on track. When you do that, we say thanks to your your future self with points that translate into prizes. Prizes vary from election to election, but in the past we’ve given away coffee shop gift cards, credit to fitness classes, movie passes, and more. Beyond taking Actions, there are other ways to earn points as an individual or team. Keep up with your email and texts to stay up-to-date on ways to win. We’ll track your progress and send you regular updates. When everyone on your team votes and verifies, we celebrate you as motiWINNERS on our social media.
If you're under 18, and excited enough about voting to be reading this, YOU'RE A STAR! You can still form a team and encourage your network to vote. Come election day, we'll set you up with a "replacement" Action that helps others vote. Same goes for anyone else who can't vote, for any reason.
We'd be really sad, but: Just email the motivote team at to let us know that you no longer want to participate, and we'll remove you from the team.
Teams must have a minimum of three players (a Team Lead, plus two more) but the sky's the limit for team size. Keep in mind that social accountability works best when your teammates know each other. Consider forming a team that is small enough to ensure familiarity.
Anyone who is eligible to vote in the US can join a team as a player! Team members can be from different states or territories, or even voters living abroad! If your team is making a financial pledge, only people in states where financial pledges are an option can join your team.
motivote points are tied to "things of value" -- all the prizes you earn! -- and it's illegal to give you anything of value for voting. Yes, even though you see some businesses do promotions like a free coffee or ice cream with your "I Voted" sticker, that's actually not allowed. So we celebrate you with things of value for taking steps that get you ready to vote, but not for the act of voting itself.
You can create a new team (and then invite friends) or join a friend’s team. You can search for your friend’s team by its name; you know the team name because it was emailed to you OR your friend told you. We recommend not joining a random team: social accountability works best when everyone on the team knows each other!
On the Team tab of your dashboard, you’ll see all players who have joined your team. On the Game tab of your dashboard, you will see all teams; clicking on any team will show the players on that team.
For Actions, which are the steps everyone does to get ready to vote, all users verify through a screenshot or selfie of them completing the task. Bonus Challenges have a bit more variety. Some you will screenshot and send to us. Others are activities that you complete on an external website or even (gasp!) in person. We’ll let you know the specifics for each!
Our first action for users is to save motivote in their phone. We’re 202-852-6622. So once that’s saved, it’s easy to just text us your screenshot. It’s great to include your name and the action you’re completing, but nothing bad will happen if you don’t! And to make it even easier: in every email, as well as on our platform, you’ll see an options called Verify by Email and Verify by Text(on mobile only). Just open that up, attach your screenshot, and send!
Those come after the election! (Though recruitment bonuses, like our “Sign Up On The Spot” raffle will come earlier.) If you won any prizes as part of motivote raffles or other Bonus Challenges, we’ll get those to you after you send us your selfie and complete a brief “exit survey” that allows us to confirm your mailing address (when applicable).
All points will be registered on your dashboard within 24 hours of when you submit them. If you think you submitted an Action or Challenge verification and it isn't appearing within that time, contact to let us know.
That wouldn't be fair at all! As long as you submitted verification before the cutoff time (which varies based on Challenge but is often 11:59PM) you will have all of your points counted toward entry.
You pay attention to detail -- great! motivote operates on a POINTS system -- when you complete actions, you receive a certain amount of points for getting yourself ready to vote. Points are used to enter into RAFFLES: Drawings for some of the larger prizes we offer on the platform. PRIZES are concrete rewards you get for specific actions -- usually you'll win if you're quick to complete them, but you can always click on a prize for more info on how to win!

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