How It Works


Commit to vote with friends. Optionally back it up with a financial pledge.


Complete bite-sized Actions that get you informed and engaged.


Compete for points, and prizes as you progress. Verify you voted with a selfie.


Peer-to-peer motivation

Nudges from friends are more effective than mail, calls, TV ads or texts. Increase the likelihood your networks access important info and actually vote.

Team-based social accountability

We use selfie verification because research shows we’re more likely to follow through when friends are watching. Think peer pressure for public good.

Gamification to boost engagement

Track your progress to election day, earn points and enter to win real-life prizes. Compete against teammates and other teams in the game.

Plan-making nudges and tools

Making a commitment and having concrete plans make us more likely to act. We help you with the logistics, so nothing falls through the cracks.

One-stop shop of curated resources

Navigating resources can be overwhelming. For local elections, info is hard to find at all. We cue up the best digital tools to get you exactly what you need.

Multiplier effect to increase impact

We help consistent voters recruit less likely voters to their teams. Then you can support their progress and make sure they stay on track.

Put your money where your vote is

Back up your commitment with an optional pledge that keeps everyone on the hook. Financial skin in the game is a powerful way to increase follow-through.

Real-life rewards from our sponsors

We celebrate your efforts online and offline. As you get ready, we enter you to win gift cards, discounts, experiences and merch from favorite brands.

Why it Works

We harness research-backed behavioral science to turn intention into action.

From working out to saving for retirement, we often struggle to follow through tomorrow with goals we set today. Voting is no exception, with all sorts of "microbarriers" that get in the way.

motivote bridges this gap with a commitment device—a proven tool from behavioral economics that helps us lock in future choices.

Your team has the option to back up your commitment to vote with a monetary pledge that keeps everyone on the hook. If everyone on your team votes, no one is charged their pledge amount. But if even one person doesn’t, the money goes to a nonprofit cause you support or oppose (whichever is more motivational to you).

Humans also face present bias, meaning we often overvalue immediate rewards at the expense of long-term goals. ("My diet starts Monday.") And we overestimate our likelihood of completing a desirable behaviors in the future.

So motivote mixes in other research-backed tools to keep you on track. Strategies like setting intentions and formalizing plans help you follow through. We make doing them easy and fun with friendly competition and rewards.

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