For our in-person voters: To verify that you voted, you'll send us a selfie that features your "I Voted" sticker or ballot receipt. (If your district doesn't provide these, snap a photo in front of a polling place sign or other indicator.)

Make sure you're right outside the polling placeβ€”we hear ballot selfies are sometimes frowned upon. And we don't want to know who you voted for, we just care that you did it!

BUT WAIT! What if I'm voting absentee? Once you're ready to mail your absentee ballot, snap a selfie of you holding the completed ballot or putting it in the mail. (Be sure to cover any identifying info.) Then submit the photo along with the verification form below.

We'll cross-check this  with the voter files once they come out. Remember, it's public record whether or not you vote (but not who you vote for.)

We have 3 easy ways for you to submit your selfie: email, text, social media, or upload

You only need to submit through one method, and everyone needs to fill out the quick form below:

3. Share on social media and tag us (include your handle in the form below)