For all actions, verify it by sending us a screenshot or photo. Don't forget to include your name so we can give you credit!


>> Email it to us here






Track your own and your team's progress and points through your dashboard. (Only teams with 2+ players have a dashboard.)

We update points daily, but points for All-Team Actions are only finalized when everyone on the team submits. 


Individual Actions: only YOU must complete and verify the action to get the points


All-Team Actions: your WHOLE TEAM must complete and verify the action to get the points


SOCIAL SHARE BONUS: When you share a post of yourself completing an action and tag motivote, you get an extra point. This can be the screenshot or photo you submit to us, a selfie of you doing the action, or a description of your thoughts while completing the task. 

JUST DO IT NOW BONUS: The final deadline for all actions is Monday, June 25 (the day before Election Day). But if you complete an action by midnight on the day we send it, you get an extra point.

OVERACHIEVER BONUS: The actions we curate are pretty simple, but in some cases, we offer chance for extra credit when you do a little more. 

The Fine Print

  • When you sign up for a motivote team, you are giving us permission to: display your name on our team dashboards, tag you on social media (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter); and text your cell phone number if provided (including sharing it in group chats with other teammates). If you wish to wish to participate but do not want this information shared, please contact us

  • The maximum number of points that an individual can earn, as translated into Amazon gift card dollars, is 20. You are encouraged to continue to complete actions past this threshold, but additional money will not be added to your gift card. Remember, teams with the highest number of points overall are also rewarded. So it pays off to go above and beyond. Plus you'll be even more prepared, and a stronger support for friends.

  • When you submit verification of an All-Team Action, we update your points tentatively (colored red) until your entire team completes the Action. The Team has until the day before Election Day to complete all Actions, unless notified otherwise.