This is how it works:

  • First you commit to vote, backed by a monetary pledge for a little extra accountability. Select an amount that is personally meaningful and motivating.
  • After you choose your pledge amount and go through this form, you'll enter your credit card info. We hold onto this until after the election. We only charge you if everyone on your team does not follow through with voting and confirm with us (through a selfie). 
  • Next, you provide us with a bit of info so we can make sure you're eligible to vote in this election, including your age and zip code. 
  • Finally, create a team, and pick a name for it. You'll share this with the friends and family you recruit. We send a follow up email with next steps and a link to share. Send that link to friends, so they can join you. Tell them your team name.
  • Over the next few weeks, we'll help you keep your team on track. You'll have the chance to win rewards for getting ready and—most importantly—be prepared to vote. Once that happens, make sure you and your teammates verify that you did. You'll get details on how to that via email.

To lead a motivote team, you must be eligible to vote and registered by the following deadlines. Not sure if or where you're registered? Visit to quickly find out.

New Jersey: registered by May 15, 2018

Washington DC: registered by May 29, 2018

New York: registered by June 1, 2018

All of the above are "closed primaries," meaning they are limited to registered party members, who must declare their party affiliation in order to vote. In short: registered Republicans can't vote in Democratic primaries and vice versa. 

What happens to forfeited pledges (when a whole team doesn't vote)? Some is reinvested in our voter turnout efforts and some is donated to a non-partisan voting rights organization.