motivote is the peer-to-peer social accountability platform that uses behavioral economics to bridge the gap between intending to vote and actually doing it.

motivote is a new digital platform that makes voting fun, social and easy — so you can keep your social circle accountable for doing it.

Time over time, young people vote at a rate lower than every other age group. That's bad for democracy. Especially considering the outsized impact that policy and elected officials have on our future. When it comes to why young people don’t vote, we’ve heard it all:


I forgot to register in time                           There's an election today?                        The process is so confusing.


                         I didn't research the issues enough.                 Does it really matter if I vote?


Work was too busy.                                             It was raining!                                              I lost my absentee ballot.


We’re all about helping young people bridge the gap between intending to vote and actually doing it.  First, you form a team of friends and commit to vote. (In some states, this commitment is backed up with a monetary deposit that is donated to charity if even one team member doesn’t vote.) We get you prepared with competition and prizes for completing bite-sized actions like looking at a sample ballot or making a voting plan. So teammates need to work together to make sure everyone stays on track — and comes out on top. 

How do we know you followed through? Fun fact: whether or not you voted is public record. But because that can take a few weeks, and we want to let your team know your status right away, you verify in the moment with a selfie featuring your “I Voted” sticker. Amplify your vote, win cool stuff, strengthen democracy. Win-win-win, right?