The most effective way to turn out young voters

Adulting is hard.
Voting shouldn’t be.

I forgot to mail my absentee ballot. I don’t know enough about the issues or candidates. I spaced on the registration deadline. “Microbarriers” like these too often get in the way of turning out to vote. And they’re a big reason why young Americans vote at rates lower than any other group.

We make voting fun, easy and social — so you and your friends actually do it.

motivote is the first peer-to-peer platform using gamification, group accountability and real-life rewards to engage and turn out young voters.

And it works.

motivote’s 18-29 year-old active users were almost 3X more likely to vote in the midterms than their peers nationwide. 84% of active motivote users verified their vote with us, versus an average of 31% for young people nationwide.

Why It Matters

Unequal participation means unequal influence.

Though young people now represent America’s largest voting bloc, we have the least say in policy choices that will affect us the longest. That means government doesn’t reflect the constituents it’s meant to serve.

Traditional voter engagement strategies like direct mail, phone-banking and door-knocking are time-consuming and cost-ineffective. And they don’t reach young people at all.

On top of that, politicians rarely prioritize young voters, since turnout is traditionally low. It fuels a vicious cycle of unequal participation and unequal influence.

We’re changing that.

motivote helps individuals and organizations activate their networks while making sure would-be voters get informed and follow through.

motivote fills a critical gap in the voter mobilization landscape. With simple behavioral nudges, we make voting fun, boost turnout, and build better government.

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